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4 words I never want to hear

i dont love youyou’re diagnosed with canceri found someone elseit was never realwe need to talkyour going to dieyour ____ is deadyou cant have kidsi dont remember youlets just be friendswe cant be togetherWe’re not friends anymore.

iPads & iPhones

Why you look so modern? I wish I had these soon :)

The day went weirdly & sucks

Hey bloggerers, long time no post.Today, many problems came to me. Started from this morning, I checked my Twitter replies and there was a reply from you-know-who. She replied my reply to her 'sucksly'. Sooooo, she broke my mood in the MORNING. Here's the suckest conversation between me and you-know-who.

And I did the Bahasa try out today. Alhamdulillah, I could do most of the questions. And tomorrow I'll go to Serpong for LBT (Leadership Basic Training a.k.a LDK) tomorrow woohoo~ can't wait till tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!

Hey blogist! Happy Sunday! I'd like to tell you 'bout my Sunday, though those're still plan. This morning, I woke up at 9 with red & swollen eyes. I've no idea about where the eyedrops is. So after waking up, I hurried for taking shower. After showering, I had my late breakfast. I was extremely full. And now I'm tweeting & blogging! Mom told me she would buy pizza in the evening :9 but I'm disappointed to because tomorrow's Monday -_- back to school.

Haha but I'm excited too because I can be tweeting & blogging, so I'm not lonely :p bye!

clear your mind!

As ordinary humans, we has been given a brain, only one. Sometimes we think too much, and the fact, most of those things we think are unimportant! So it's good if we don't think in one day, or at least 12 hours. A scientist said we supposed to study only 2 hours. And I think too, is it enough if we study only 2 hours a day? I think no. And beside study, there are sometimes many problems make us dizzy. And the question is, how to solve your problems? It's easy, you only pray, take a rest for a while, and then think what you must do to solve your problems. Easy, right? Don't say "God, I have big & many problems." Say "Dear problems, I have a huge God". :)

When I'm Older... (inspired by Tiffany William)

1) I want to be a doctor
Actually, I still doubt what I want to be. But, the most thing I want to be is to be a doctor, because doctor cures people and 'automatically' he/she gets many friends because of her done :) I want to go to USA, because I want to continue my lecture in Harvard University.

2) I want to buy all of things I want
If I have got a job, I will buy many things because I don't want to bother my parents with all of things I wanttttttt. I'm sure I will do it, amen :D

3) I want continue my high school in SMAN 8 Jakarta
I heard SMAN 8 Jakarta has many requirement if someone wanna continue his/her high school - example: your National Examinations' score must be over 38 (average: 9,50).

4) I want to live in Paris

Hopefully I could go thereeee :)

Boring Weekend

Hi Guys,

I just got home from school. I'm really exhausted and I need some drinks! The day went very well :) I hope my mom would ask me if I wanted to go to Supermall! However, um, next Monday there will be 3 tests - Math, Islamic History, and English. Afraid in Math, 'cos I think the test will be really hard. So, wish me luck!

I'm Back!

Nite guys! It's already 10 and actually I've to go to school for BESIF tomorrow. Haha btw I'm 8th grade 2nd term :) I didn't open my blog more than 2 months. Haha but I'm back ;) I often open my tumblr hehe follow it! Ok good night & hv a nice dream!