When I'm Older... (inspired by Tiffany William)

1) I want to be a doctor
Actually, I still doubt what I want to be. But, the most thing I want to be is to be a doctor, because doctor cures people and 'automatically' he/she gets many friends because of her done :) I want to go to USA, because I want to continue my lecture in Harvard University.

2) I want to buy all of things I want
If I have got a job, I will buy many things because I don't want to bother my parents with all of things I wanttttttt. I'm sure I will do it, amen :D

3) I want continue my high school in SMAN 8 Jakarta
I heard SMAN 8 Jakarta has many requirement if someone wanna continue his/her high school - example: your National Examinations' score must be over 38 (average: 9,50).

4) I want to live in Paris

Hopefully I could go thereeee :)


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