Love your parents

First, I wanna ask you something. Have you said "I love you" to your parents or even kissed them today? If you haven't, I will tell you something that might will make you aware.

Parents, they can be called Mom & Dad, Mama & Papa, or whatever (but you mustn't call them with bad words of course). Did you ever count how much tears they cried when you were born? Did you ever count how much tears they cried when you opposed them? Most of you guys may say NO.

Have you realized your parents always put your name in they prays? They always beg to God, "Keep our children away from catastrophe", "make our children near to you", and other prays that they've always prayed for you.

I know that I ain't too good to my parents. I'm sometimes annoyed with their over-protective character, but I realize, I realize it's for myself. Every parents in this world won't be willing to have their children hurt, will they?

This' all I wanna say. If you have realized, go say sorry to them. If you haven't might need to increase your Spiritual Quotient by reading some articles about how God will torture you because you're faithless to your parents.


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