Yesterday (Nov 18th, 2009) I just come back from SDN 03 Pondok Ranji (I'm sorry if i made mistake coz i forgot) for LDK. Wow! It's the unforgettable experience in my life! Actually, We (8th and 7th Students) must stayed in the Army Dormitory and stayed for 3 days and 2 nights, but there are some reason so we stayed in SDN 03 Pondok Ranji for 2 days and 1 night. How did we go there? Fantastic! We went there with tronton truck (i don't know what do i say "truk tronton"" in English)at 8 and in the truck there was about 30 students. We arrived at 9.30. Hahaha. The students in that school are very attractive and very kind! The night in that school was a lot of happily! At 11 night we do a "Jurit Malam". "Jurit Malam" is the adventure in the night! Wow, Amazing! We go to the cemetery. Wow, so scary! but so interesting! Hahaha. The next day in the morning, there was a little bit rain. Hmm, the air was so fresh because the school is far of the city. We went back to the SMP Plus Islamic Village at 1.30 and we arrived at 2.30. OK....I'm sorry if i made a mistake because my English isn't good.


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