Day before I enjoy the Holiday!

Hello ppl,

This is Saturday, and it's the most favourite day in my life! :D. Today, I just sitting in front of my laptop! My activity: Tweeting, facebooking, blogging, skype-ing, and MSN-ing! Woohoo! Hahaha, do you know? My young brother is in Bandung now with my mom's sister family. :(. And do you know? After he arrive in Jakarta, he will go to my house in Tangerang. And two day after that day :P, he will go to Makassar with my family. You can imagine, so tired, but happy too! Actually, I want to go to Bandung with them. But, I can't tweeting or facebooking or MSN-ing or skype-ing or blogging, because I can't bring my laptop to go with! Hmm, and because my handphone's internet packet quote is almost empty :(. Yeah, poor me. But, I always waiting, i will go to Makassar, and it makes me forget of my brother. And i'll going to tell my plan to go to Makassar......

The plane will board at 5.55 (WIB/ GMT+7), because my house isn't very far from the airport, so we (my family) will go to airport at 4.30. We'll go there with Garuda Indonesia Airways. And i'll arrive there is about 9.15 (WITA/GMT+8). And after that, we'll go to Trans Studio. That's the biggest indoor fantastic place in Indonesia. And, i haven't make a plan after that yet :P

So bye!


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