Hot Air Balloon

I wanna ride hot air balloon, 'cos I think it's fun riding that. We can fly from about 500 feet. Whoa it's so fuuuun. And we can forget our problems in our lives.

Anyways talking about life, life's going well. And so is everything, except my mind. You know why? Because about 2 days ago, I was thinking which high school I had to enter. Actually, I wanna enter the Binus International School in BSD, but my parents don't let me to. They want me to enter a public school. Actually I do wanna, but I think I have to register myself to some private schools, because I don't want if an incident happen like when I was going to enter Junior High School last yr. My national exams total score isn't sufficient to enter the public school. Me - and my family - was getting confused. I thought I needed to fly with hot air balloon, huh? So by perforce, I entered Islamic Village Plus JHS. So pals, wish me I would get high scores in the national examination :)


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