Lioni Faustina

Lioni Faustina, as known as Lioni, was born in Tegal, January 24th, 1995. She now lives there, too. She is the one of the famous teenagers twitter account in Indonesia. During the May Riot, she - and her family - decided to move to Australia, for about a year. She started to learn English, and she started her kindergarten at an international kindergarten. She studied there for a REALLY SHORT TIME, about 2 months. Because her father was assigned to work in China, in March 1999, Lioni and her family moved there. She was having a trouble speaking Mandarin, so her parents called a private teacher to teach her Mandarin. She started her elementary school in 2001. But it didn't take a long time, too. In 2004, when she had been best-friends with her classmates, she had to go back to Indonesia. She moved to her birthplace, Tegal. Again, because she had been speaking Mandarin for 5 years, she got a trouble speaking Indonesian. Her parents called a private teacher to teach her Indonesian. And she had overcome her trouble speaking Indonesian! Her inspiration is her parents. Her friends usually call her Rain, Lioni, Lee, and Leon. Now she has been a kind and good friend to other people. She's always willing to help people who need a help.

Find me, treat me, and I'm yours. -Lioni Faustina


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